Where to buy deco in Miami (and some tips)

Where to buy deco in Miami (and some tips)

Hello! How are you? I am Loli and today I want to share with you the places where I buy deco when I travel to Miami. For many years I traveled two or three times a month and all my spare time I used to go places and look (buy a little too) decorative objects.


The first could not be other than Ikea. It's far my favorite. Because he has everything, I buy towels, sheets, quilts and quilt covers, pillows, curtains, glasses, dishes, etc. The prices are accessible to us and at least we see it as a walk for the whole family. Let's go to the morning, the kids can stay in a huge playroom (with supervision) full of games while we walk upstairs where there are armed environments as if they were real houses. Then we look for them and have lunch at the restaurant in Ikea, which has very healthy, cheap food and a children's menu. You have to go with time because it's quite big.
Extra Data: IKEA was founded in 1943 by a 17 year old, Ingvar Kamprad. The name IKEA is formed by the initials of its founder, plus the initial of the farm where Elmtaryd grew up and the A of his hometown Agunnaryd.



Target is another of my favorites. It is a supermarket with clothes, decoration, electronics, toys, food, etc. where everything is perfect. I like to travel with time and (they will remember me) I do not know a single person who has left Target with empty hands. The decoration sector is amazing, there are always nice things and at the end of each gondola there are shelves with products in liquidation very cheap.
As a tip, although it has nothing to do with decoration, boys clothes is divine and of very good quality and the toys are cheaper than in Toy's R us.


Cari's favorite, no doubt. The prices can be a little expensive for us but the whole so nice that we make the effort. The premises are large and you have to be prepared to spend a long time dreaming about taking everything.
TIP: In June and December they make the Semi Annual settlement, if your trip coincides with this, prepare yourself to find many really discounted products that are worth taking advantage of. There are currently three locations in Miami.You will only have to sharpen your sight and "smell" (?) And launch yourself in search of hidden treasures. I predict that from here you will not leave empty-handed either! If you are on a family vacation and your shopping time is very limited, I recommend that you go to HomeGoods and leave the other two for another opportunity.
TIP: When I go with the family and I put on the face of "few friends" within 10 minutes of arriving, I do a quick tour, I choose a couple of things and when I'm back at the hotel, I analyze more deeply my booty. If I regret having bought something, I'll give it back and that's it. The returns are super simple and you do not have to give any kind of explanation.



This is another one of my favorites. I always find nice things and at a good price. It is cheaper than Anthropologie and has very nice tableware. It also has a settlement sector and if you subscribe you can receive discount coupons!



Fans of the "do it yourself" can not miss these two options. Michaels has products for all types of crafts, from wool to paints, supplies for jewelry, craft books, stamps, papers and everything you always dreamed of finding (and what not) in one place! Joann is similar but also has lots of fabrics! A variety that I did not see in my life.
Tip: Always, but always before going, google "coupons Joann/Michaels" that always exist! I for example used a 40off on a regular price item and 15off on the entire purchase at Michaels the last time I went. They look for it in the cell phone and they take a screenshot and in the local they scan it directly from there, they do not need to print anything! For those who can send packages to the place of lodging, I also recommend FABRIC.COM.

Other places that I recommend are:

Urban Outfitters The Home part of this brand I love! the one of clothes also;)

Crate and Barrel
Pottery Barn
Restoration Hardware

Before saying goodbye until next Monday, I'll give you my last two tips!
Me always before traveling I enter the webs of the places I want to visit and in the part of "store finder" (local search) and with the zip code of my lodging, I look for and write down the address of the nearest branch.
Always always always look for discount coupons in Google, you will be surprised with what you will find!

Now yes, until the Next Monday!