Tutorial Ceramic Pins

Ceramic Tutorial Tutorial

Hello !! I'm Loli and today I'm going to show you a great tutorial, very easy and most important ... the kids will love it!

Let's make cold porcelain pins!

We need:

Cold Porcelain (a small package, bought in bookstores)
Markers for porcelain
Printer (optional)
Kneading stick and cutter
Pin bases (bought in large haberdasheries)
Silicone pistolite

As a first step, I searched the internet for easy images and drawings that I would like to copy, and print them. Keep in mind that the size of the drawings should be the same as the pins we want to make.

Then we are going to stretch the porcelain with the kneading stick or similar. We cut the drawings that we printed by the edge and placing them on top of the porcelain, we use them of mold to cut the porcelain with the help of a cutter or thumbtack.
Let dry (I left them several days, I calculate that it will depend of temperature and humidity)

Parallel to this with another piece of porcelain I put together other things that I liked, like ice cream, donuts, clouds and stars. Here the imagination is the limit! You can do nice things!
I also let them dry.

When they are completely dry they remain white, unlike the color they have in the photo above

Once dried, I painted them with porcelain markers. It is very easy to use them! Especially for those who, like me, have no idea to draw with a brush (mental note: learn to paint!)

The truth is that I really liked the result!
As a last step we are going to use the silicone pistolite to stick the already painted shapes to the bases.

And that's it! They like me? I hope so!

See you next Monday!