A modern and functional kitchen

A modern and functional kitchen

Hello! How are you? I'm Loli and today I want to show you the cooking of my friend Paula.

With Pau we started building almost at the same time and we shared much of the process together. Hours and hours drinking coffee and dreaming of our houses.
The kitchen is huge and the brightest I saw in my life. It has giant windows that let in a lot of light and give the rooms a special shine.

Paula chose two built-in ovens and an anafe, a super practical option, especially when you have children who are playing everything that is within reach. The countertop is of white silestone and the furniture, also white, has a lot of place of saved and without ironworks in sight, which gives them a modern touch that I love.

The kitchen furniture has some shelves in view where there are some "treasures" that make me sigh. The Kitchen Aid blender directly leaves me breathless ...

Wherever you look, the kitchen is full of details that Pau was buying in his travels .

With Cari we are seriously thinking about staying to live there.
Before I had my kitchen, I could not imagine that white kitchens were easy to maintain. In addition they have, at least for us (we are fans of whiteness) a special luminosity. Especially when the environment, at the address of Pau, does not have so much natural light.

The kitchen also has a wooden shelf that adds warmth to the environment. And it is another place full of beautiful details, neatly arranged.

Pau is a super relaxed mom, who lets the boys play all over the house, tricycle and skates included. There are many talks that we share in that kitchen with five children literally spinning around us. It is the atmosphere of the house that is most "lived" and enjoyed by the whole family.

Pau let me go to her house one day in the morning, while she was at work, and I must confess that I did not feel like leaving.To Pau I thank you for letting us share it with you!
Until next Monday! Have a beautiful week!