The ideal moment, by Fernando Diez from @ don.terrenal

The ideal moment, by Fernando Diez from @ don.terrenal

When we face the wonderful project of beautifying the place where we live, we all have different limitations. The ideas, the practice, the budget, the desire, the data, or the most disturbing of all: the time . Diosmelibre , what a complicated type!
The lack of time in the daily grind. The time of chaos that a work supposes. The time that we will take in going to look for what we saw on the internet and we loved it. The time that afterwards you will spend cleaning. The time that is missing until the children grow up and are more careful. The time , the time ... the time , in general, is like a very funny guy.

In the summer days of this summer I read the book "Gadget" , " Big Magic " by Elizabeth Gilbert (that of ` Eat Pray Love `). Yes, it is Stamateas means of creativity, but still says pious and nice things that apply to the world in general. Among them, that it does not make sense to look for the perfect moment to make our "masterpiece", it is better to do NOW what we want and can do now; Even if we are wrong or if that "student work" has a thousand faults, it will always be constructive to wait for the float.

Therefore: it does not make sense to give a thousand laps to the purchase of a table mouse because it does not match with the curtains or because it clashes with feng-shui ... If it tickles you in the routine, adopt it, use it, enjoy it! If it does not go, you can sell it and find another one (without having the center of the living room sad for so long).
If you would like to park or call a landscaper but still do not give you the numbers, buy a quinotero, a jasmine, a hydrangea, or the yoke that most refers you to a happy moment. You will be one step closer to the garden of your dreams.

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If you have an empty wall and you do not get to the painting or the mirror that you like, post pictures or a poster with washi tapes. You are not marrying ...! It is a stylistic affaire , a pleasure with freedom. It will last whatever it takes.

If your bathroom is a nail but you can not make renovations ... I left the weekend, fish some old jars and marquitos, I lit rich candles and date a good bathroomYou and your house need them more than they do. To see them when you eat breakfast, when you put the washing machine, when you go to bed.
We pay our retirement from twenty years without a joke, sometimes they even convince us to pick up the plot or the drawer, and we go to deprive of something that makes us feel better today, now, now?
It is not simple deco, it is the most beautiful antidepressant in the world.

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This office has led me in recent years to meet many people dissatisfied with their spaces that ended up moving before feeling comfortable in a property. Because they never found the optimal table for the dining room, or the dream paper for the little hall. That is, a pile of homes that have retired before satisfying their inhabitants, a number of ideas that were drowned in the inkwell. A real shame.
Because all this is really an excuse to ask ourselves: what is our home? The house today? The one of our parents? The "own" house? The one that will arrive some day , when twenty-seven million conditions are given ...?
When we look back, many beautiful moments will have happened in houses of all kinds, in transitory spaces; even in that small apartment we went through sometime. And those memories happened while we reneged because of the color of the tiles, the boring sconces, the small wardrobe/closet, or other terrible conflicts in life.

A house is worth more gauchita today, that an ideal house in ten or twenty years. Nobody knows where we are going to be in a decade; We are not more in the same place. We can not even be there.
Today is not an essay for "tomorrow ... Today is today, it's always going to be today, even social networks are starting to evaporate after 24 hours and that's it , which in principle seems trivial, invites us to see how many images of our day make us smile enough to share or retain them for a moment.
In short, there is a mountain of factors that do not depend on we and we can hardly change, but at the time ... at the same time we have to stop the race.
That the very fucked up does not escape coaxing us with future happiness, ideal plans and absolute perfection .. Let's fight daily with our beautiful little joys.

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