How to make your own wooden shelf

How to make your own wooden bookcase

Hello! I am Loli and today I bring you a very special tutorial. All my life I dreamed of learning carpentry and when I met Meli's blog, Experimento Casa, I knew that thanks to her my dream could be a reality.

that after a thousand laps, for the boys, the distance, the schedules, blah blah, I wrote down and changed my life. As I am a full time housewife, mom x 3, school transport, cook and a thousand other things that you already know, I find it hard to make a place for me. But since I signed up I do it and I'm happy with that. Those two weekly hours change my day!

When I designed my kitchen, I imagined a shelf like this, to cut a little with so much white and give warmth to the environment. I searched a lot and none closed me ... for the color, the wood, the measurements ...
Luckily, Super Meli came to my rescue and we made it together! And what's better, Meli is so genius that she prepared a tutorial so you can do it too!

Obvious that after Super Cari came and I accommodated (I am a disaster). If you are a disaster, like me, do not stop reading this post where there are some great tips to decorate shelves !!

I was already in love with my kitchen, but when we finished the shelves I realized that it was the touch that was missing .

So now I invite you to go to Meli Experimento Casa's blog together to see the full story!

And if you dream of learning carpentry like me, or just sign up for an activity to learn something new, below I leave you all the necessary information!

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Until next Monday!