a nice table every day

a nice table every day

Hello! How are you? Today we have a super easy and nice proposal to implement in our homes every day.
We are always asked how to make beautiful tables without spending a lot! Well, here we present a table that we put together with a simple, clear and low cost idea. What do we take into account? 5 tips to make your table the star of the house:

1- Use a guide color: in this case the crockery that we choose from Carrefour is in mint and lemon tones. These will be the key to the assembly of the entire table. Having a guide color, we achieve a harmonious whole and not an agglomeration of meaningless things.

2- Use everything we have at home. Putting to play our imagination always, everything can charge a different sense in accordance with the value that we give him. Anyway, I always advise that you can invest in crockery and beautiful objects.

3- Flowers always add up! If we do not have flowers, a good bouquet of green leaves, branches, are great too! We can play with different vases can be of different sizes so we give different heights to the table.

4- If we use a tablecloth, it is preferable to use a tablecloth more neutral or combine the colors of both very well. In this case, since the dishes have a yellow color, they combine very well with the classic checkered tablecloth of the same color.

5- Add small details. For example, we can make individual cards with the names of our guests. We can add fruits, which are rich, healthy and decorative. Also a nice idea is to use leaves or small branches like napkin rings, tying them with a cotton thread.

If you liked these ideas, I found very nice things (like those in the photos) at very affordable prices in this catalog of carrefour.com.ar/decohogar/
We hope you liked the proposal and put it into practice! See you next week.