5 Instagram tips that nobody told you

5 Instagram tips that nobody told you

Hi! I'm Loli and today I want to share with you 5 Instagram tips that I discovered recently.
I love Instagram and I've been using it for almost five years. It is my favorite social network. Unlike Cari, it's not so natural for me to have such an incredible feed and all the perfect photos. That's why I started to investigate which are the best kept secrets of accounts with many followers and I will share them with you!


This first point seems like a Obvious but it is not! This means photos without flash (vade retro satan) with good natural light, that are not moved and BY FAVORAGE without Instagram filters:)

There are thousands of applications what you can (and should) use to improve your photos before publishing them. The 3 most recommended are:

VSCO CAM (has very good filters)
SNAP SEED (to edit)
AFTER LIGHT (to edit, but I did not try it)


The first impression is what counts, right? That is why it is important that our account has a nice profile picture and if it is from us better. Everyone likes to know the face behind the photos! It is also important to describe in a few words what we do or what our account is about.
They also knew that the only "searchable" (?) Part of our account is the name part of user and the name? It is good to include here key data of our account.

This is a nice example of a good BIO ... Mr Wonderful


Do not you know that sometimes you know who a photo is without having read it? That's because that person found his voice and his personal style and is faithful to that. We have to find ours and keep it. The "content" is not only that, it should look nice too, especially if we are photographing products. Keep in mind "the look" we want to create. It is good to choose a color palette for our account, or a background color for our photos and try, as much as possible, to maintain it whenever we can. Do you want to see some examples of instagramers that achieve this perfectly?

Cestmaria ...

Verothesan ...

Mathdoblog. ..


No need to share everything! (please haha) It is better quality to quantity. Before uploading a photo, we must consider the purpose of our account. For example, if we have a business of decorative objects, it is most likely that 90% of people follow us for that reason and it does not matter to them that we went fishing for the weekend. To publish this type of photos we could create a personal instagram. Obviously there are also accounts (especially accounts Lifestyle blogs or lifestyle) where members of the family and their activities generate a lot of interest among their followers.
Focus on creating genuine content that attracts the right followers.Did you already know? I could not believe it when I read it !!! No longer show the photos of the accounts that we follow chronologically, IG shows us what you think we would like to see according to the degree of "Engagement" or "involvement" (there is no such word, I know) that we have with those accounts. Passing it in clean so that our photo appears in the feed of our followers (and in those who are not in the search part) we must involve them with our account. This can be achieved, for example, by asking a question in our post or asking for the opinion of our followers. And do you want to know something even stranger? For the comment to increase the ranking of our post MUST have more than 3 words! So if someone comments for example "I love" or a couple of emojis, that comment does not count for the ranking of the post!
And of course, as the saying goes "what goes around comes around "or" you will reap your sowing. " So to get followers "involved" we must comment and like your accounts too.
And finally did you know that you can only do 400 "interactions" (likes and comments) per day?

BONUS TIP: Use hashtags! But use hashtags that are relevant to your niche, only 30 hashtags per post can be used! and it is also good to use those not so used since that gives you the possibility of our post to appear in the "top post" of that hashtag when someone does a search!

All this I did not invent, I did not even apply all this knowledge haha. These are things that I found out after reading many posts on the subject. Therefore, obviously you can agree or not. Each account is also unique and it is also unique the reason why our followers chose to follow us. But we thought it was fun and interesting to share this information with you! The important thing is the good vibes of this social network that we love and that many friendships and satisfactions have given us, no?
Obviously we would like to hear (read) your tips if you have any to share!

Until next Monday !!

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Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....