5 tips for going back to school

5 tips for going back to school

Hello !! We're back!! With a lot of nice things to show you !! But as the kids started or started classes these days, we wanted to start with some tips from the genius of Organization Wiz's Ini.

5 Tips for a "Return" to Cole "without stress and organized


Planning is what will allow the beginning of classes to be as effective and pleasant as possible for the whole family. You can buy a family planner or download one online. You can create a blackboard with black vinyl, a cork, or something similar. I recommend including a calendar, homework schedules, and those little things that children need to take to school from time to time. You will be surprised at the quality of life that the whole family earns with this.

You can use a color for each child or use washitapes which are colorful rice paper ribbons and divine patterns that do not mark walls, or refrigerator, or anything. In this way they differentiate the activities of each member of the family.


For lunch or dinner at home and also for those who have lunch at school and have lunch. I propose to organize a fortnightly menu, they can do it in excel or use a planner. We sit once every two weeks and plan lunch and dinner meals. And with these 15 minutes that we invested doing this, we also plan much more efficiently the purchases of the supermarket and the grocery store. They will see that not only do they waste less time, but they spend less money and less food is spoiled:)


After the holidays it is sometimes difficult to return to the school routine. But it is important that we do it since this guarantees us a better spent afternoon and much nicer family moments. That they have leisure time post school seems to me important. Each boy relaxes with different things, but free time is fundamental for them. It is important to have a family dinner schedule and have a bedtime schedule. Rest is the basis of a good next day for the whole family, the parents who work and the children who go to school. The ideal is that the children sleep at least 9/10 hours a day to be able to perform well in school and adults at least 7 hours to be able to face the tasks of the day with energy.


If you take 5 minutes every night to have school clothes ready for each of your children (shoes and socks too, because we do not want to run with anything! ) and you have almost guaranteed that the time of breakfast will be much easier and more pleasant because you do not go, nor will you waste time looking for everything you need for school. The same with backpacks. They have to be closed and hung on a rack at the entrance of the house. Do not go collecting books and notebooks throughout the house at the last minute. We do this task EVERY NIGHT.

Recommendation: That the boys take off their uniform or the clothes they wear at school as soon as they arrive home. Direct to the washing machine.ORGANIZE THE BREAKFAST

With another 5 minutes the night before you can prepare much of the breakfast in the morning. Setting the table (obviously the kitchen has to be impeccable before going to sleep) cereals, cookies, bread, everything that is not refrigerated and can be served beforehand.
Tip viands: I had the tupper of the lunch box inside the refrigerator and the cutlery, napkin and glass already pre-assembled inside the lunch box. In the morning you only keep the food and save the last minute runs. You can also prepare beforehand snacks for breaks in small tuppers with nuts, cereals or some fruit. It is ideal for kids to have the energy to face a school day.

I assure you that good planning (which takes a short time, only predisposition) can change the daily enjoyment of the most important moments of the day that happen at home with our family and above all with our children. We save stress, discomfort and runs, it is quite motivating to make the effort, right?

And how nice it is to transmit to our children that living an organized life we ​​have more time for us, to enjoy, to do what we like.
And as I always say, an organized house helps you have a happier life!

Now we are ready to start this new school year! Thank you very much Ini for always sharing your "wiz tips" with us!

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Until next Monday !!

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....