Unique and personal: the house of Jana

Unique and personal: Jana's house

Hello! Today we visit the house of Jana. She is a fashion blogger and costume designer. He worked in decoration, stained glass, marketing, organization and production of events and parades! The world of Jana is immense and versatile and she is also super friendly and a great hostess! She received us at home with freshly baked muffins and some delicious mates.
Her house is unique, highly creative and with a lot of personality! Do you want to see it?

The dining room explodes with light! The decapé table, the white Eames chairs, a super modern white lacquered furniture and the wooden floor, all help to create this bright atmosphere. " The floor of the dining room, play and kitchen, was made of light wood, because we did not like the color, we dyed it darker, and then we gave it a weathered whitewashed.We did it with my husband on two Saturdays, more than 80 square meters! ", Jana tells us

You already know that cooking is my favorite place! The kitchen of Jana is divine, very well it results in space and has a great allowance as a place of work. It is designed in U and also has a lot, but a lot of wave! I loved this bar with worn woods!

I already told you that you waited for us with these freshly baked muffins! I have no literary talent to describe with words the delicious smell we feel when we enter!

The main protagonist of this kitchen is a large iron window distributed, from where we observe an internal patio painted in electric blue that falls in love!
We asked her about the design of her house and Jana tells us: "for the architectural design I was pretty clear about what I wanted to do, I spent a lot of time looking at houses and photos on Pinterest, so at the moment of wanting to do mine already knew that yes and no ".

Another detail super ori ginal and that is very good, are these sheets of zinc as raised. Practical and cute !!!

The contrast of the patio blue with the white kitchen, with zinc details and this super window is great! We love the details and this house has many, like this scale that immediately stole my heart, I loved it!

Here you can observe in its entirety everything I told you!In the background you can see the libraries with objects that have a determining presence in the living room.
The cube chair with white covers very practical when there are children at home and Jana adds color with those super colorful mexican pillows.

The Chester armchair is the best !!!! His worn leather is very canchero! Jana bought it from the genius of Marce Conti from Pasión Chic and without a doubt it was a 100% success.
" When we moved we brought furniture from the previous house, which was a much smaller ph I just finished furnishing it as I want, with a dining table on the scale that it has to be and finally I bought the Chesterfield armchair that I so longed for. "

A house with so many details speaks volumes about its owners ! That's why I titled this note as unique and personal. Jana's house has a wave wherever you look! It has its imprint, its style, its personality is breathed: happy and fun!

" I love playing with the contrapositions of a vintage wave table and modern chairs, it's a way I use Also in the way I dress, and as in the clothes I am not minimalist, with the deco either, I have a thousand objects and ornaments! Sometimes I get tired and keep it in a closet and then they come back to life or end as a donation "./i>

We left for the end this wonderful image of your gallery! Absolutely covered in green! It is lovely and very warm!

Enjoyed the ride? We are sure that they loved Jana's house like us! Thank you Jana for letting us in, for receiving us with your smile so lovingly and for those delicious muffins!
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See you next Monday!


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Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....