5 tips to wake up in an orderly house

5 tips to wake up in a tidy house

Hello! I am Loli and today I want to share with you the 5 secrets that I learned from Cari so that every day when you get up, you find your house tidy.
It's me that I'm crazy, or you also change your mood when you get up and Is everything made a disaster or vice versa?

We usually get together to plan the blog posts early in the morning, right after leaving the guys at school. In Cari's house or in mine. I do not tell you about the juggling I did so that at eight o'clock in the morning my house would be presentable (and Cari would not die of an upset haha). On the other hand, when he arrived at her house, everything was impeccable and orderly. How could it be possible ??? Now I know. Five tips that take no more than half an hour in total and change your life (and humor haha)

Grab pencil and paper and take note!

1. Never go to sleep with dirty dishes (ufaaa). Wash, dry and save EVERYTHING!

This point is the one that costs me the most but the happiness that it gives me the next morning when I want to prepare breakfast for the family, it's priceless! And not having to look for cups and stuff in a pile of dirty dishes, it makes the effort worthwhile!

2. The second but not the least tip is to clean the surfaces, this includes table and countertops.

Once we finish washing, drying and storing, we will clean the countertop in the kitchen, save the tablecloth/individual and Clean the table. This does not take more than a minute.

3. As a third step we are going to sweep the kitchen floor and the table section where we had dinner (in my case it is the same haha). This is also very fast and does not cost as much.

4. Gather ALL the toys that walk around the house and put them in their place.

Or, as in my case, even if it is to keep them. I made myself a huge cloth basket and before I went to bed, I went around the house and the toys I found lying there I kept them there until the next day when I kept them in place for longer.

5. The fifth and last tip is to prepare for the next day by anticipating as many things as possible. For example organize uniforms, leave the luncheras by hand, etc. This makes mornings more relaxed. For example, I leave on the counter the tray where I prepare breakfast, leave the luncheras by hand, prepare desserts, cutlery and fill the bottles that take to school with fresh water and store them in the refrigerator. I also leave the uniforms ready. Who did not happen to discover in the morning that the boys do not have a clean T-shirt? To me yes :(

These are the 5 tips that Cari taught me and that made my mornings much better and relaxed, I invite you to try them and prove it for yourselves!

I say goodbye to you next Monday!