My marriage

My marriage

It was not just any day, a day like so many. It was as if the colors of memory had suddenly changed. Last night everything had been perfectly ordered: no glasses out of place, the white tablecloths freshly ironed, a T-shirt with the perfume of roses in the drawer of my bedside table, a poetry written by hand on his bedside table. It could not be any other day, one more day! I wanted the wedding day to be perfect, but not thinking about the details that everyone imagines: the table, the ornaments, the dress ... No, I thought of more subtle things, those little details that would make it unforgettable.

After 11 years, two daughters and several changes, with Dario, my partner, in my eyes, the most beautiful man in the world, we decided to marry for civil and then celebrate in a very intimate lunch with only our families.
When I was very small I clearly imagined my marriage as that of the tales of princesses. A great dress, a great party and everything a girl dreams at that age! Today with 40 years my choice goes through another side. It has to do with resignifying a life together, to reaffirm the great love we feel.

It really was a very simple marriage in terms of details and decoration. Actually, I just wanted to enjoy the moment and share it with the people I love the most: our family. I did not want to be stressed thinking about the table, the flowers, the arrangements, etccc. Therefore, I decided that I only wanted to have a subtle and delicate detail that would synthesize this day. Luckily Nadia from Papeles Pequeños interpreted perfectly and made this topper for the cake that is a work of art!

The main table was dressed with a patch of hyper-rustic cotton gauze, which hung and It fell to the floor. And the centerpiece is a gift from the great Mariana de Alalma, which really left me speechless, for its beauty, for simplicity and because it brings together everything I like, noble materials, wood, green ...

Do you want to meet my family? In the pictures on the left, in the first one you can see my parents and sisters and in the one below we are all with my nephews and brother-in-law. In the photo on the right you can see Dario's family, his mother and brothers.

I think the only thing I respected about a traditional wedding was the bouquet! Thank you Luis de Regia Casa who knew how to perfectly interpret what he wanted and made this bouquet so beautiful!

The mini cupcakes and the flower cookies were made by the Needcupcakes girls.The most exciting thing was to share this day with them and see their happiness! All the pictures are of my brother-in-law Edu Bermúdez! You can see more of his photos here.

And like everything, that day also had its end. As I told you at the beginning, it was not just any day. It was one of those days that are marked on the calendar. It was not the same for us to be married or not, but taking the time was just an impulse to recognize us even more.
We met and recognized in the gestures of the murmur, in the shoulders of the past. The story always has a name and that day was ours.