how to assemble a wall of paintings

how to assemble a wall of paintings

Hello! How are you? Do you like the idea of ​​putting together a wall of paintings? With Loli we thought it was a good idea to tell you about the process of the wall that I built in my house and of which I am very proud of the final result!
I confess that I was very afraid and that it represented a great challenge, since I thought it was not an easy task to do, because there are many elements to keep in mind, so that the result does not end in a mess!
Throughout my house I am guided by three elements: harmony, warmth and a palette of colors that has to do with the whole environment. With these premises I began to imagine in my head this "art gallery" in my own home.
The first thing I did was to collect the paintings I wanted to use. This took me years !!! Yes, years! But yours does not have to be that way. It took me a long time because I was collecting things that I liked and I kept them for when it was time to put them together finally.

Source: Pinterest

I'm not a Pinterest fan, I admit it. But anyway it is a source of information that I often use. In this case it was very helpful! I saw many Wall Galleries photos like these that were really great inspiration and especially the collage that you see below, it was very graphic to be able to order the final result in my head!

Source: Pinterest
I had in my Pinterest folder a lot of pictures of walls with pictures, and I had read also some notes of the subject in other blogs, but with so much information in my head the truth was dizzy and I did not know where to start! That's why I called my great friend Marina de Solo for me, who very lovingly came home to help me! The truth practically did everything she, jaaaa ... she is so practical and resolute, Marina, that she made everything look very easy!
When she arrived home, she had previously selected the paintings what I was going to use. As I told you for years, I kept pictures, drawings and bags of Anthropologie, which I liked a lot to frame them. Yes, I made paintings with Anthro bags and they were just perfect! I have framed them as bags, they have movement inside the box that contains them, in the picture you may not notice how beautiful it was.

With the boxes already selected, Marina made with paper a mold of each one. On the floor of the living room we made a sample of how we wanted to distribute it, and then with paper tape we put each mold in its place, as you can see in the photo below.

In action! Thanks Marina!I love how it was! I wanted the TV to be surrounded by beautiful things. I already know that TV is not aesthetic at all, but for me a living without it does not work! So I looked for ways to embellish the place with it as a center but without it being the main protagonist.
One thing we had in mind with Marina was to assemble as imaginary lines, which would contain all the paintings and where we could not leave. If you look, you will see that the boxes above are all at the same height and also the edges of the sides. Within those lines the paintings move freely and we play a lot with the shapes.
Did you like them? Hope so! If you are interested in the subject I leave you the link of a note from Rocío de Casa Haus that helped me a lot. "Gallery Walls: 10 ideas for your wall of pictures"

See you next Monday with a tutorial from Loli! Do not miss it!