the secrets of impeccable houses

the secrets of impeccable houses

Hello! I'm Loli and today I want to talk to you about a topic that interests me especially.
I love being a housewife. Everything related to the maintenance and care of my home fascinates me. Far from bothering me, I feel that cleaning my house and keeping it tidy is a way to show love (rain of hearts). Although cleaning does not interest you in the least, unless you have someone who does these tasks every day for you, eventually you will have to do it.
That's why this list of 10 tasks for you to do every day will make your life easier, I assure you!
I tried all the tactics to have the house cleaned every day and this one that I'm going to tell you is the one that worked best.
I tried cleaning one room per day, or one day cleaning all floors, another glass and so on. But always something was dirty and the system did not work.
Currently I clean in depth twice a week (when the kids are at school) and the rest of the days I do small tasks that I mix with the routine, that do not take me much time or effort and that make those two days of deep cleaning, not so much since the house is pretty clean.
Some of the tips are included in this post of 5 tips to wake up with the house ordered. If you did not read it, I still recommend it!

Let's go to the list?

* Lay out all the beds. This does not take long and really makes a difference. I, as a routine, I tend the beds of the boys when I raise them to go to school and they are in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Obviously, it would be much better for them to spread their own beds ...

* Empty trash cans and papers of the whole house (if necessary)

* Walk the house picking up dirty clothes and place it in the place we have intended for this purpose (in my case a basket next to the washing machine in the laundry)

* Clean the counters of the bathrooms. For this daily cleaning I have in the vanitory a spray with multi-purpose glass cleaner and a kitchen roll (or those disposable disinfectant wipes)

* Aspirate carpets in high traffic areas (if necessary)

* Clean the table and kitchen counter. I do this several times a day because we spend many hours in the kitchen and I like to keep it as clean as possible.

* Wash the dishes. I also do this several times a day but basically I try not to go to sleep with the dirty dishes. Nothing cuter than waking up with the kitchen clean and tidy! More tips to wake up in a house ordered here.

* Wash clothes, hang, fold and store (as needed)

* Collect and store the accumulated objects out of place. This is a constant task.And above all, before going to bed, I make one last trip.

* Sweep the kitchen floor, even once in the day after dinner.

The tasks we do every day will depend a lot on the composition of our family group, obviously if we live alone surely our house requires much less cleaning and maintenance.
The important thing is not to go crazy, not to be so rigid with cleaning standards (especially with small children who are messy and disorderly machines). Doing a little each day, the days of general cleaning will be much less stressful!

I hope that my routine will Serve, if they still have not found one that serves them, do they tell us?

Until next Monday!

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

Lifestyle blog with ideas, tutorials and useful tips to help you make your home and your life beautiful....

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