The textiles kings of the home

Textiles kings of the home

Hello! How are you? For today we present a proposal that with Loli we are passionate about: textiles! They are key when it comes to decorating. That is why we visited the house of Carolina Biercamp, interior designer and owner of some of the places where you will find the best fabrics and textiles. We think that with a good use of them we can modify any environment or leave it more relaxed, or more elegant or put a wave in a boring corner.
We travel different places of the house and see how good genres everything is much more cute!

We started with something basic, the table every day! In this case we use a piece of natural cotton gauze as a tablecloth (no supercancer left?) And as a table runner, it is a rustic silk straw weaving fabric. We achieve an elegant bohemian effect and also if you like it you can stay as well as a table runner every day! I loved the idea so much that I copied it for my house!

Here we see more details about textures and different genres.

In the daily dining room follows this same idea, a piece of cotton gauze is used, in this case dyed in an old rose and superimposed another path of silk straw (I want to tell you that I fell in love with the silk straw !!!!!!!)
My idea is to show you how with simple textiles we modify an environment, and we give it more wave!

We moved to the living room. While the entire house of Caro has a relaxed, very natural and canchero, the living room features more elegant textures: velvet, intervened with gold metallic linens.
Metallized, both in gold and silver , they are very fashionable and lookean anywhere in our house.

A closeup of this linen with golden details that takes all the applause !!!!! I asked Carolina where she would use this type of genre and she told me: "It is a genre that I like to make an armchair blanket, pillows to decorate, and even to make a foot bed. kind of things, I always think of more net decorations and give touches with genres like this one ".

I love throwing blankets on the armchairs !This room is a true example of this. We see that the back of the bed has as a cover an old linen tablecloth, which belonged to Carolina's grandmother, mixed with pillows of different fabrics, among them trousers and cottons, combined with a blanket of pure sheep wool and next to it we see a rattan basket! Different textures that coexist perfectly!

In this virtual tour through the environments of a house, we end with the gallery. The wooden armchairs are great with white tussor covers in this case. Very practical since they wash easily.

Another corner of the gallery dominated by grays !!! I do not know about you but I'm in love with these pure cotton blankets!

I hope you liked it and are encouraged to intervene houses with many textiles! I recommend you look at the Carolina page and see the catalog of genres, you can also chusmear your Instagram account here. Or you can visit her in her showroom in Santa Barbara from Monday to Friday from 10 to 16, always by appointment.
See you next Monday!

Generos Carolina Biercamp

Interior designer/tusores linens dyed gauze linens and handemade genres/wholesale and retail/attn custom showroom in sta barbara