Tips for having an ordered library

Tips for having an ordered library

Tips for having an ordered library
Amber Interior Design
Hello! When we asked Brenda of Your Organized Space to share with us her tips to have an orderly library, she immediately said yes! So grab pencil and paper and take note!
This is what Brenda told us:

Books have their specific use, but also have a decorative use.
In my house there are books (many) and I love to order them in an attractive way but with a criterion of classification and order not only aesthetic.
How we put together and order a library?

Tips for having an ordered library
Lark and Linen

  • This will depend on how many books we have, what kind of books they are and the space in question.
  • First of all , the height of the shelves of the library must be related to the books that we are going to put there, of what Rare, we will not have another to put them lying down, or the only option is to accommodate them by height, which is useful if only a few.
  • If we have few books, it is more likely that we care more the aesthetic than the functional. Then we can play with them. We can place them on some shelves standing (one next to another) in others lying (one over another) and even inclined. We can place objects as supports and decorate it at the same time. In this way, the library acquires a fun and original look.
  • The books of art, photography, fashion and decoration, among others, tend to be larger and heavier than the rest, so we place them in the half down, except that all books are like that. The lightest from the middle of the library up.
  • For those who have many books and varied topics, the ideal is to order them by:
* Theme
* Countries
* Author
* By collections

Tips for having an ordered library
Amber Interior Design


* We can place lights for pictures on the library, Christmas lights or LEDs.
* We can place a ladder to reach the highest shelves.
* If we like a book we can put it in front, highlighting the rest. We can use a lectern. It's great.
* If we divide the shelves by theme, we can play with interspersing some object that represents that theme, eg if we allocate a whole shelf or sector to garden books, At the center or at the end we can place a pot or anything allusive. For the children's room, on the Harry Potter shelf we can place a doll of the same or a wand.6125.4381

Until next Monday!