Tips to assemble your bag this holiday

Tips for you to pack your bag this holiday

Tips to assemble your bag this holiday

Hi! I'm Loli and today I'm happy to introduce you to a very dear friend! With Lau we met in the course of entering an airline when I was eighteen ... yesterday, no? She is the most impeccable woman I know, she is always perfect! Not once I saw her disheveled or disheveled in my life, seems fresh out of a magazine ... and want to know more? She is one of the funniest and funniest people I know. As if all this were not enough, Lau studied film, is a photographer, image consultant and personal shopper.
For all this, with Cari we thought of her when we came up with a post with tips to prepare the suitcases for the holidays.
Welcome Lau to Two Houses!

My Summer suitcase, smart and fashion ...

Putting together a suitcase intelligently is almost an art, a science. Yes girls! I'm not exaggerating! You have to be patient and anticipate beforehand how we want to see each other with as few clothes as possible. The objective is to optimize resources and space in the bag.

But how do we achieve this? As a former stewardess and travel lover I think the key is to plan and not leave anything left to chance. Everything we bring must be used more than two or three times during our stay, so get to work, start the plan!

The first Take into account is the duration of our vacation, the climate of the place and of course, the reason for the trip. In this case we will assemble, hypothetically, a smart suitcase for a beach vacation.

The ideal is to start the assembly a few days before the trip, it may be a little less One week; to have time to wash things that can appear dirty or to take care of getting items that are essential and not to run ...

Then put together a list of what is necessary. I advise you to put the list on paper, because this allows you to organize clothes in groups (for the beach, for the night, for the plane, etc.) and because when writing it you remember things that you were missing. You can also make crosses or seen what is already ready (my favorite part).

With list in hand sacá of your wardrobe/closet as necessary, put it on top of the bed and start the game!

I really enjoy choosing some "key" or base items and from there I go creating the "total looks". For example if there is something key in the summer suitcase is the white dress.

Just like the "little black dress" or the little black dress saves you in everyday life, the white dress is your basics during the holidays: simple, fresh, versatile and super cute.
To this white dress, we use it above the swimsuit with flip flops and hat during the day, we can add colorful necklaces and jean camperita for a cool afternoon ... a cute patterned handkerchief or leave it alone , with a total white look with the hair pulled back with gel and red lips for a night out. With a leather jacket he is also covered. You can achieve many creative options with the same garment and so our white dress served for four or five occasions, not bad, no?

Tips to assemble your bag this holiday

My list of summer vacations is summarized as follows:

  • Basic white dress: Our star garment can be short, long, loose, lace.Goes with everything.

  • White shirt: Perfect for the costume of bath and with shorts of jean during the afternoon.

  • Camisola Boho: I love them! You have to take some to achieve a bohemian look and canchero. Wide, embroidered, open, long sleeves, as you like.

Tips to assemble your bag this holiday

  • Camperita de jean: For me it's the key coat of summer. It goes with everything and is infallible, even to travel by plane. You can wear the classic or some in white denim, any voucher.

  • Fresh dresses: Several, I would say 3 or 4. For me they are essential since they occupy little place, they are light and very easy to put and to combine. With flowers, stripes, colorful, without shoulders (the trend of this summer) embroidery, gauze, whatever you like. That is, try to be different, in colors and models so you also look different every day.

  • Accessories: These are the backbone of my suitcase and I am not exaggerating, I am a lover of necklaces (I think I have a problem about it haha) These accessories are your best allies because they give you style and They make you look trimmed with very little. Maybe they are not a priority for many but I assure you that they make a difference in the final result of the look. Colorful necklaces XL and bracelets are a must of summer. Do not miss one or two scarves or pashminas to give color to the neutrals and because they often serve as a coat to cover shoulders and neck on the plane. An extra large bag that you can use with everything and take to the beach, with strong handles as we carry heavy things.

Tips to assemble your bag this holiday

  • Shoes: As for the shoes, choose them comfortable and low, sandals for the beach and if you have, some beautiful gladiator sandals. They are comfortable but have that cool and glamorous touch to upload the night outfits. If you do not have, take something metallic. Optional sneakers for those who like sports during vacations.

  • Swimsuits: Considering that it is one of the pieces that we will use the most, I would wear 3 or 4 bathing suits. If you have a single piece, it is a must of this season.

Finally when you have everything chosen and on the bed, look for the appropriate underwear for each of these outfits (sometimes we forget these final details).

Maybe this is considered exaggerated for many, but then of the final selection of clothes and shoes, I usually take pictures with the phone of the "total looks". It seems crazy, but you can not imagine how practical it is in the destination. It serves as a "machete" to remember with what you were going to put everything and so you never forget anything, optimizing everything that we choose to carry. This ensures the success of using EVERYTHING and that the looks look polished, prepared and divine.

Some extra data. ..

- Order the suitcase: So that the clothes do not wrinkle, keep the jeans, the coats and the heaviest things under everything, try to go leveling clothes This is key to getting more things into the bag. The hat, if you did not wear it on the trip, which would be the most practical, fill it with underwear or something that fills the hole completely and then place it in the suitcase, surrounding it with clothes.If you have free holes, you can separate them and save them in different places.

- Take advantage of all the corners: It is very important to take advantage of all the gaps and free spaces. Use them to store swimsuits and underwear.

- Each time you pack a suitcase, it's good to have a small bag (inside the suitcase) to put on things that you do not want to be lost or open like the shampoo, the moisturizing cream, the hair clip or the perfume. I carry ziploc blosts to keep everything that can tip over and produce accidents.

I hope you can use them and put them into practice this holiday! Enjoy!

Thank you very much Lau for your tips!

You can follow Lau in her Chocolate Life account here for more fashion tips and trends!
We hope you have a beautiful Christmas and we wish you a very, very happy New Year !!

Tips to assemble your bag this holiday

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